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Thirlmere Deacon Property Investment:
50% Reduction In
Cost Per Lead

Discover how we used Facebook ads & landing pages to scale lead generation and sales for this investment services business based in London & Dubai.

Thirlmere Deacon


Investment Services

Tools Used

Marketing Audit & Strategy
Facebook Ads
Landing Pages


Based in London & Dubai,
with a global target market


Thirlmere Deacon Cost Per Lead Reduction
Thirlmere Deacon's 50% Cost Per Lead Reduction

TD Property’s cost per lead saw a huge improvement almost immediately. More importantly, the methods we used allowed the lead gen to be sustainable. This impacts the business in so many positive ways. For example, they now have a predictable volume of quality leads, their revenue is growing, and their sales team is busy and happy.

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Decrease In Cost Per Lead
1 %
Happy Sales Team
"Working with Rocket is excellent. Lead price has come way down, and feedback from the sales team is the leads are very good, having a lot of good conversations, and definitely getting buyers with money on the phone. So thank you very much for your efforts in sorting the audiences "
Alasdair Walker Marketing Director
Alasdair Walker
Marketing Director - Thirlmere Deacon Property Investment

Here Is What You’re Going To Learn In This Case Study


What it takes to improve lead quality from your paid ads.


Why testing different offers is so important to reducing cost per lead.


Why landing pages can make or break the performance of your Facebook Ad campaigns.

"Working with Rocket is brilliant. We really nailed down a number of solutions to problems I felt we were having with our lead gen, and my team and I have a lot of confidence to move forward with our next developments."
Alasdair Walker Marketing Director
Alasdair Walker
Marketing Director - Thirlmere Deacon Property Investment


The TD Property team came to us because they felt they had reached a plateau of results with their Facebook ads. Having tried many different approaches in-house, they decided to seek some external help.

That’s why they reached out to us to see if we could help.


Create a lead generation system that delivers a predictable volume of leads every month.

Increase the volume of leads per month.

Increase lead quality so the sales team can close more deals.

"“We had our highest sales months on record while working with the Rocket guys, which was a build-up from the start of all the work we do together, so massive thank you there."
Alasdair Walker Marketing Director
Alasdair Walker
Marketing Director - Thirlmere Deacon Property Investment


Challenge 1

The business didn’t have an offer testing & funnel optimization system in place. This caused the plateau they were experiencing with their cost per lead.

The offers and funnel system would need to be updated.

Challenge 2

The in-house team had many responsibilities, making it almost impossible for them to stay on top of best practices and strategies for their Facebook Ads. The creative testing, campaign structure and optimization system would need to be updated. 

Challenge 3

TD Property’s London and Dubai offices operate separately, creating challenges when it comes to accurate tracking and automating the lead nurturing.

We would need to create separate funnels to keep things clean, organized, and easy to track.

The takeaways so far…… 

1: With ads creatives, offers, landing pages/funnels, set it and forget it is not a reliable approach. Prioritize creating an ongoing testing system for all these elements.

2: In-house teams who are responsible for many different platforms typically find it harder to stay on top of the best practices and strategies for paid ads channels, because things change so quickly in the paid ads world. Having an expert external partner support your team is one of the most cost effective ways to overcome this.


Solution 1

Identify Weaknesses & Opportunities

We started with a marketing audit.

The TD team wanted us to deeply review their marketing strategy and funnels, understand their goals, and identify the biggest impact things we could do to get the best results. We look at every business holistically because it’s never just about the ad campaigns when it comes to performance.

We audited the entire marketing set up, and analyzed the best-marketed competitors + brands that have similar audiences. This showed us the weak points, opportunities, and allowed us to create a playbook for achieving their goals.

Solution 2

Tracking & Data Analysis

With the playbook ready, the first thing to fix was the data tracking & analysis weren’t working properly. 

We adjusted the tracking setup, tested everything to make sure it worked properly, then set up a centralized data analysis system.

Solution 3


We collaborated with the TD team, and helped them understand how certain changes would play out. For example, why conversion optimization of landing pages is so important, and how it can impact results.

Another example is the fact that lead quality and quantity are two variables that work against each other. It is very easy to get more leads at a lower cost, at the expense of lead quality.

This is why we initially had to test Facebook lead ads (leads submit within Facebook) vs. leads from landing pages. 

Solution 4

Conversion Optimized Landing Pages & Lead Magnets

We created new, conversion-optimized templates for their landing pages & lead magnets

The new funnels were optimized for visitors to fill out & submit the lead form.

We created several master landing page templates, for lead magnets and for the different developments we’ve been promoting. We continually optimized and re-used these templates for different funnels over and over again.

Solution 5

Facebook Lead Ads & Leads From Funnels

We found that both Facebook lead ads and leads from landing pages showed similar results.

Leads submitted within Facebook were cheaper, but lower in quality.

Conversion leads (from landing pages) were more expensive but also better in quality. We decided to continue with both approaches, using the Facebook lead ads for time-sensitive listings, and the funnels for longer-term developments and lead magnets.

Best Performing Ads

Below are examples of the best performing Facebook ads, measured by cost per lead.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can get you more conversions from your Facebook ads, feel free to check out our plans below.

Carousel Ad

Static Banner Ad With Lead Magnet

Static Banner Ad

TD Property Facebook Ad

Static Banner Ad

TD Property Facebook Ad
"The lead quality in general has been very very good. I've had no complaints from my sales teams, all saying that the leads have been of a high standard, bringing a lot of prospects who are buyers, and in the market looking for property to invest or buy for their own use"
Alasdair Walker Marketing Director
Alasdair Walker
Marketing Director - Thirlmere Deacon Property Investment

Ad Campaign Strategy Breakdown

Ad Account Status Quo

Analyze data in Google Analytics & Facebook ad account to gather insights

Looking through TD’s campaigns, we got the following key takeaways:

1: TD was primarily running FB lead campaigns. Lead quality was one of the biggest issues so we had to test conversion campaigns & run traffic to landing pages with lead magnets to improve things.

2: The clients’ creatives were following best practices, but the website was not optimized to turn the FB traffic into leads. We needed to create new landing pages to make the conversion campaigns work.

3: Client was using a consolidated campaign structure which is great, but had not tested enough audiences so we needed to improve there.

Competitor Analysis

Find out what is working for the most successful competitors

We got 3 key insights from analyzing competitor campaigns.

We didn’t find a dominant ad format. Competitors were running banner, video and carousel ads.

Most competitors sent traffic to dedicated landing pages, not directly to their website. This confirmed that we had to test optimized landing pages.

Competitors were promoting both educational lead magnet resources as well as specific developments. TD Property had never run ads to educational lead magnets before, so we took the opportunity to test this.

Audience Research

Learn everything about the audience, where they are, & what they want

We aimed to understand the desires and fears of our audience by reading through comments on TD Property’s social pages, on competitor’s pages, as well as browsing Quora and other similar sites where our audience was active. We gained these insights:

1: Our audience is very rational. Our research showed we had to focus on statistics and benefits. Research also showed our audience responds well to longer form ad copy.

2: Stunning, attention grabbing imagery of properties would be crucial to get our audience’s attention.

3: Our audience is busy, so we needed an optimized user journey, with minimal friction to be conscious of our audience’s time.

Ad Strategy Development

Strategizing the customer journey

Based on our research, we decided to start with a campaign strategy built around the following priorities:

1: Test conversion campaigns (ads to landing pages) against Facebook lead ads.

We had to find a balance between quality and quantity, and A/B testing is always a better approach to changing everything completely at once. This meant we also had to create conversion optimized landing pages.

2: Focus on audience testing first as there was more opportunity given TD’s campaign history, and focus on creative testing later on.

3: Guide the TD team on creating alternate funnels using educational resources to share different offers with our audience at the top of funnel, middle of funnel and bottom of funnel.

Iterate To Success

80% of what you test will fail, embrace it. Analyze, Test, Improve, Repeat

Through strategic testing and a campaign structure that would allow us to easily analyze the data of these tests, we refined our campaigns and improved results over time with the following key insights:

1: We found new audiences that performed great, allowed us to scale horizontally, and took a lot of volatility out of our campaign performance.

2: Using most recent lead data (compared to our all leads list) for our Lookalike audiences performed best for the Lookalikes.

3: We did not find a clear winning ad format. We still run banner, video and carousel ads at the same time. This allows us to bid on all of Facebook’s ad inventory and delivers the best results.


Takeaway 1

Focus on what you do best

When working with an external team. Spend some time early on to clarify what it is that you are good at, and what the external team can do better than you. Leave the tasks that the external is great at to them, so that you can focus more on turning the leads into your clients.

Takeaway 2

Conversion optimized landing pages are critical, but don’t set it and forget it. 

This may be the biggest variable to improvements in performance. Use software like Hotjar and Google Optimize to continually adjust and A/B test.

Takeaway 3

Track your lead quality.

Rigorously track the lead quality of each of your funnels, not just as a whole. 

Not every funnel or lead is created equal, so you want to focus on the best performing elements, invest your budget where it has the biggest impact.

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