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The Liposuction Institute: 77.5% Increase In Leads

Discover how we used Facebook & Instagram to drive a huge increase in leads.

The Liposuction Institute website


Cosmetics / healthcare

Tools Used

Facebook & Instagram ads


Based in Auckland, New Zealand,
with a target market within 40km radius of the city


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"Rocket's ad campaigns have brought in a steadily growing stream of leads and have definitely been worth it for us!"
Andrew Goedeke
Marketing Director - The Liposuction Institute New Zealand


The Liposuction Institute New Zealand offers a unique approach to liposuction, combining the treatment with a unique wellness and enhanced recovery program. 

For us, it was clearly a great business, with an excellent team, and a unique offering. The only thing was, their Facebook & Instagram ads just weren’t delivering results.

So after some discussion, we agreed to do an ad account audit to identify the key weaknesses & opportunities in their campaigns. Here’s what we found:

These problems are all too common with the local service businesses we see & consult, and they always lead to missed opportunities for revenue if not fixed quickly.


Figure out the status quo by identifying the causes, effects, weakness & opportunities in their overall marketing structure.

Create an effective system that enables us to produce new content & test new ads/audience quickly.

Set advertising goals based on the unit economics of the business, and then build a strategy to get us there.

Ultimately, and as soon as possible, generate a consistent volume of qualified leads for the business.

"I needed help utilizing Facebook and Instagram ads. I had run some basic ads myself but wanted to take them to the next level with target audiences and more creative ads. This is where Rocket Conversions came in"
Andrew Goedeke
Marketing Director - The Liposuction Institute New Zealand


Challenge 1

Understanding whether a conversion campaign or a lead generation campaign would deliver better results. It’s always a balancing act between quality and quantity of leads.

For most of our other lead gen clients, the lead generation objective delivers better results for the bottom line of the business.

Challenge 2

Get leads fast & find a work-around for effective, good quality ad content until we could create better content.

Unfortunately, Facebook’s advertising restrictions were working against us. Before/After pictures, which would have been great to show the results of the services, are forbidden by Facebook. We had to figure out a way around this.

Challenge 3

With a geographic restriction down to a radius of 40km around Auckland, we found 1.3 million people fit our customer profile. It’s a rather small target market in the grand scheme of things, but this is a typical problem for local service-based businesses.

Challenge 4

New Ad Account. No pixel data history. No data for Facebook to work with.
This presented all kinds of problems, especially when we had to get results as fast as possible. But again, this is a typical problem we see with local service-based businesses.

The takeaway here is….. really understanding your challenges is super important if you want to give yourself a higher chance of success. Some businesses think the challenge is just “we need more leads”, when in truth, the challenges go much deeper into the business itself.

So always look holistically to find the real challenges. If you want help figuring this stuff out, just contact here.


Solution 1

Audit & Strategy

First off, we audited their entire marketing structure, their offerings, the economics of the business, the goals of the business, and of course their ideal customer profile. The data points from this audit painted a clear picture of where the business was at, and allowed us to build a strategy that would take the business up a few levels.

Solution 2

Facebook & Instagram Paid Ads Management

Best Ads

Below are the best performing ads, measured by the volume of conversions delivered.

If you’d like to learn more about how to analyze ads & make yours convert better, feel free to

send us a message here

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