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Senior’s First Canada: Scaled From 0 to 6000 Leads Per Month

Discover how we used Facebook ads and Clickfunnels to validate and grow this Canadian startup.

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Healthcare hardware

Tools Used

Facebook ads


Based in Toronto, Canada,
with a domestic target market


+ 0
Leads per month.
$ 0
Cost Per Lead
"Rocket took the reins, fixed our issues and in less than 2 weeks we were getting not only high-quality leads, but also more than we knew what to do with!! We now have a team of 6 sales reps and are helping to line Zuckerberg's pockets with $30k every month + and growing fast. Thanks again to Steve and the Rocket team!"
Dirk Frankenne
Co-Founder - Senior's First Canada


Senior’s First Canada made it their mission to put their personal emergency response systems (PERS) in as many Canadian seniors’ hands as possible, to prevent tragic falls and other incidents from happening.

For us, this was the kind of mission we love because of the potential to have a huge impact on thousands of lives, but we had to overcome the major challenges that come with starting up a new business.

During our initial conversations, we asked Senior’s First Canada what problems they wanted us to solve for them. Here’s what they said:

Senior’s First was starting from zero. No digital presence, no brand, and no real data. We agreed to create a strategy to get their digital presence off the ground and to get traction with their lead funnel & advertising.

Rocket would then take care of the funnel design/creation, 3rd party integrations, initial branding & content, as well as setting up the paid ads system so we could validate the startup as quickly as possible.


Create an initial logo, set up the social media pages, ad accounts + tracking pixels, and create initial content for the social media pages.

Create a funnel to capture leads and set up the integration / automations via Zapier & Close.io, to enable the Senior’s First Canada team to convert the leads.

Within one month, generate up to 50 leads per day, with a cost per lead of $10, and a cost per sale of $50.

Within 3 months, be consistently scaling ad spend under $10 cost per lead and $50 cost per sale.

"Steve and the Rocket team came at the best possible time! After wasting almost $30k on companies that promised but never delivered, I was at my wits end! He came highly recommended from a friend, I must say given my past experience I was sceptical, but then I met Steve :). Not only did the Rocket team know exactly how to identify my problems (way too high lead cost, unreliable lead flow, low-quality leads, etc...) but they gave me the solutions and a step by step plan to fix them."
Dirk Frankenne
Co-Founder - Senior's First Canada


Challenge 1

Senior’s First Canada was starting up from scratch. No digital presence. Completely fresh ad account with no data, and just had so many business elements that needed to be strategized and built.

Challenge 2

The Rocket team had never worked in this space before, and we are far from the target audience demographics in terms of age.

Challenge 3

During Covid-19, Facebook was going crazy with disapproving ads and shutting down ad accounts. To make it even worse, they also had very slow response and support times to fix these issues.

The takeaway here is…… there will always be huge challenges. There’ll never be a perfect time to start a project like this. If you have a great offer, and if you want help getting your business off the ground, just contact us here.


Solution 1

Marketing Audit / Competitor Research & Strategy

First off, we researched their market and their competitor’s digital presence, funnels, and offerings. We were able to get a clear picture of what was working in the market from what the most successful players were doing, and this allowed us to build a strategy that would get Senior’s First Canada off the ground & set them up for long-term success.

Solution 2

Initial branding, digital presence & lead funnel

We created initial brand elements and got the social pages going with some educational posts. We then set up their ad accounts along with tracking pixels, and built the lead funnel on Clickfunnels.

Solution 3

Facebook Paid Ads Management


Takeaway 1

Never stop testing: we hit the target of a CPL below $10 with our very first campaign. However, further testing allowed us to get this below $5. So, never just accept results. Keep testing to improve even further.

Takeaway 2

Having credible 3rd party affiliations (and mentioning them in the ads) can take performance to the next level.

Takeaway 3

Branded ad creatives vs. non-branded ones -> non-branded ones performed best in this case. Facebook users prefer native content. Here’s a great article to read if you want to dig deeper.

Takeaway 4

Illustrations vs. Lifestyle pictures: Illustrations performed better here, as they stood out more and grabbed people’s attention.

Takeaway 5

Long form copy vs short copy -> Shorter ad copy outperformed long-form copy.

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