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Nui Organics: 5.12 ROAS

Discover how we used Facebook ads & email marketing to achieve 5.12 ROAS & 34% increase in website purchases.

Nui Organics Website


Organic, merino wool children’s apparel

Tools Used

Facebook ads


Based in New Zealand,
with a global target market


Return on ad spend (ROAS)
0 %
Increase in conversion value
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Increase in purchases
0 %
Scale in ad spend profitably
"I just love working with these guys."
Amanda Searancke
Founder - Nui Organics

Here Is What You’re Going To Learn In This Case Study


Why e-commerce brands must approach growth from a holistic, omni-channel perspective to maximize conversions.

Email Marketing Team

How to align email marketing with referral & loyalty programs to grow customer lifetime value.


How connecting paid ads data to email marketing data can super charge your conversions.

"I have worked with so many freelancers, agencies, growth teams, and every other type of entity that says they can make my ads better, none have been even close to as good as the guys at Rocket."
Amanda Searancke
Founder - Nui Organics


Nui Organics was born in New Zealand in 2004 and is now at home all over the world. As a brand, Nui makes clothing from organic merino wool that parents love, and children love to wear.

For us, Nui Organics is an exceptional brand, with a passion for amazing causes (& making superb products), and a founder with a unique vision. The only thing was, their Facebook ads and other marketing channels just weren’t getting the love & attention they needed.

Nui came to Rocket after realising they were stuck with an agency partner who wasn’t empathetic to Nui’s needs, but Nui knew things could & should be a lot better because they had such a great customer base & following that was barely being leveraged.

So, after some discussion, we agreed to do a full marketing audit to identify the key weaknesses & opportunities. Here’s what we found:

Problem 1 is all too common, problem 2 was a spectacular opportunity. Both problems combined gave us the chance to have a huge impact on revenue & brand growth quickly.


Rocket was to fully take over the Facebook campaigns and improve on the existing setup.

Delve deep into the business to understand the status quo, and create a roadmap to enable the brand to reach their goals.

Set up strategic email marketing flows to improve customer relationship & loyalty, and drive an increase in customer lifetime value.

Leverage the combined data and integration capabilities of Facebook & Klaviyo to improve results.

"Our ads and emails look way better, they perform way better, and my business is doing better than ever. The guys at Rocket Conversions are awesome."
Amanda Searancke
Founder - Nui Organics


Challenge 1

Nui’s brilliant founder was managing nearly every aspect of the business by herself. This was creating a bottleneck & meant we were dealing with limited internal team & time resources.

Challenge 2

Nui had conditioned their audience to wait for promotions (they ran too many of them and the audience now knew just to wait for them) making it hard to sell when things weren’t on promo.

Challenge 3

Limited product imagery, video footage, and other great content available.

Challenge 4

No marketing structure or plan in place, meaning everything was being winged (testament to their team that they still had huge success doing it this way for awhile).

The takeaway here is…… these challenges can affect every type of business. Learning how to strategically set up your promotions, how to generate content that your audience loves, and how best to strategize your entire marketing operation are all massively important to the success of most companies.

So, do the work to figure these out because you can only “wing” them for so long until everything breaks. If you want help figuring this stuff out, just contact us here.


Solution 1

Audit & Strategy

First off, we audited their entire marketing structure, their offerings, the economics of the business, the goals of the business, and of course their ideal customer profile. The data points from this audit painted a clear picture of where the business was at, and allowed us to build a strategy that would solve the current problems, & set Nui on the path to achieving their goals.

Solution 2

Promotional Strategy

Q4 was fast approaching. We needed to create an effective promo strategy & push hard on the upcoming holiday promotions to generate revenue.

Solution 3

Facebook Ads, Email Marketing & Rewards/Referral Program

Best Ads

Below are the best performing ads, measured by the volume of conversions delivered.

If you’d like to learn more about how to analyze ads & make yours convert better, feel free to
send us a message here

Nui organics ad
"The team at Rocket is the best I've ever worked with by far!"
Amanda Searancke
Founder - Nui Organics


Takeaway 1

Don’t condition your audience to wait for promotions

Promotions are crucial to an effective acquisition strategy, yet should be strategically planned to not harm the brand. We never want to condition the audience to not purchase our products at full price.

Takeaway 2

Data is the key to growth

Facebook, Instagram, and every other advertising platform is all about data. Combining your email service provider data with your advertising data will allow you to engage with your audience more and improve bottom-line results.

Takeaway 3

Think, look, & act big picture

Balance your focus on the microelements of your business by taking the time to look at the bigger picture.

Audit yourself. Your advertising results depend on the overall health of your business, not just on the ad campaigns. You cannot scale your ad campaigns if you do not integrate them into a holistic online marketing strategy, backed by a well set up business operation.

Takeaway 4

Jack of all trades, master of none?

Consider if you want a convenient, all-in-one agency that does everything, but doesn’t do it all well.

However, you also need to consider if you want a one channel ad agency that can only work within the confines of a very narrow environment. In most cases this stunts the growth of the brand by not leveraging all the data and conversion opportunities.

If revenue and growth is what you want, aim to work with growth partners who see & can manage how all the systems of your business interconnect. Work with a growth partner who has a track record of driving conversions and revenue in a holistic, scalable way.


Mission 1

Engage a financing partner to secure sufficient inventory throughout each quarter.

Mission 2

Create a comprehensive brand strategy and content marketing strategy to reach and engage even more people around the world.

Mission 3

Continue implementing & improving every element of Nui’s online marketing structure according to the roadmap we created.

Mission 4

Hire and onboard a digital project manager for Nui to implement and manage the whole marketing operation with Rocket as a consultant & growth partner.

Rocket Conversions Rating - 4.8 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
226 Client Ratings

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