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Bear’s Blooms: 77X Increase in Paid Subscriptions

Discover how we used Facebook, Instagram and Google ads to skyrocket subscriptions and revenue.

Bears & Blooms


Flower subscription box

Tools Used

Facebook ads
Instagram ads
Google Ads


Based in Vancouver, Canada,
with a local target market


- 0 %
Reduction in cost per lead. From $46 to $3.88.
$ 0
Cost to acquire a paying customer.
x 0
Increase in paid subscriptions.
"The Rocket guys have been transparent, punctual and efficient in the way they work, and we’re seeing some great results."
Josh Bluman
Marketing Director - Bear's Blooms

Here Is What You’re Going To Learn In This Case Study

Why it’s so important to ensure your data is being tracked properly, and why you should avoid setting it and forgetting it.

Profit Maximizing

Why every element of your marketing system must have a testing system if you want to grow.


Why the biggest variable to your success with ads is your offer, and why you need a system for testing offers.

"The Rocket guys have been transparent, punctual and efficient in the way they work, and we’re seeing some great results."
Josh Bluman
Marketing Director - Bear's Blooms


Bear’s Blooms delivers a weekly box of farm-fresh flowers straight to their customer’s door, helping people enjoy gorgeous bouquets without breaking the bank.

For us, we love working on subscription model businesses because of the high LTV potential, and one with such a beautiful offering like this was the kind of project we were thrilled to get involved in. 

But, in this case, we had to overcome the major challenge of resetting their marketing setup and then changing consumer behavior when it comes to buying flowers.

During our initial conversations, we asked Bear’s Blooms what problems they wanted us to solve for them. Here’s what they said:

We loved hearing this. The problems are concise, and straight to the point, both of which align perfectly with how Rocket operates. 

We agreed to dig deeper into the status quo and the unit economics of the business, then create an integrated strategy to get Bear’s Blooms to where they wanted to go in terms of their revenue.

Rocket would then take care of the paid ads system, and help Bear’s Blooms reach their milestones as quickly as possible.


Set up an integrated strategy for Facebook, Instagram & Google.

Acquire new customers at a CPA below $30.

Scale fast so the business can grow and expand geographically.

Consult on the data insights into their customers.

"I really enjoy working with professionals like the Rocket guys."
Josh Bluman
Marketing Director - Bear's Blooms


Challenge 1

Limited audience size because of geographic restriction. We achieved superb results in month 1, but we experienced a significant increase in CPA towards the end of the month as we started to reach the same people for the 2nd & 3rd time.

Challenge 2

Covid-19: The pandemic started just when we took over, putting a major strain on consumer sentiment and spending. Fortunately, we were able to achieve exceptional results with this non-essential product.

The takeaway here is…… the most impactful variable to success is the quality of your offer. In this case, we had what most people would consider a non-essential product, in the middle of a pandemic, in a niche where consumer behaviour isn’t conditioned to buy the product on subscription. 

Yet their business not only survived but thrived! It comes down to having an offer so good that your audience can’t ignore you.


Solution 1

Marketing Audit / Competitor Research & Strategy

We analyzed the account and recognized that the client’s targeting wasn’t quite right. Audiences were too specific and Facebook’s artificial intelligence wasn’t being leveraged. We targeted broader audiences and used lookalikes to skyrocket conversions.

Solution 2

Strategic Approach Towards Testing

Bear’s Blooms had tested different audiences and ads, but the campaigns were just not set up to capture their data, meaning they couldn’t draw any meaningful conclusions from their campaigns. We implemented a campaign structure that made it easy to draw learnings from the data, and then we leveraged these insights to improve performance.

Solution 3

Omnichannel Strategy

Running both the Google and Facebook campaigns allowed us to be very flexible with budget allocation depending on real-time performance. We primarily used Google to bring more people to our website, then retargeted them with our Facebook campaigns. This added quality touchpoints between our brand and our audience across channels, leading to an increase in trust and moving people from the consideration stage to the purchase stage.

Solution 4

Use the Post ID Feature

People love flowers. And flower bouquets make for stunning content and ads on social media. This enabled us to gather a ton of social proof on our ads with comments of people sharing how much they loved our flowers, helping immensely to improve performance on these ads.

Below are the best performing ads, measured by the volume of leads and subscriptions delivered.

If you’d like to learn more about how to analyze ads & make yours convert better, feel free to

send us a message here.

"Great experience working with Rocket, and I look forward to continuing working with them!"
Josh Bluman
Marketing Director - Bear's Blooms


Takeaway 1

When your business is challenged, approach it with the mindset of “how can I turn these challenges into opportunities?”. In Bear’s Blooms case, consumers were hesitant to spend money because of the crisis. We found a way to leverage the quarantine into an opportunity for the business.

Takeaway 2

Don’t give up if you don’t get results straight away. While Google results were expensive in the first month, we made the right decision to keep running Google ads. While we’re seeing the CPA in Facebook increase because we’re reaching our audiences more and more frequently, our CPA in Google keeps decreasing as we refine the campaigns and gain more insights from the data.

Takeaway 3

In most cases, remarketing works significantly better in Facebook compared to Google because it allows for more specific ads along the customer journey. Test to find the combinations of imagery and ad copy that moves people through the stages of Awareness to Consideration to Purchasing.

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