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Aeyde.com: 8.15 Return on Ad Spend

Discover how we used Facebook / Instagram ads & email marketing to skyrocket Aeyde’s ROAS.

Aeyde Shoes


Women’s fashion / apparel

Tools Used

Facebook & Instagram ads


Based in Germany,
with a global target market


Return on ad spend (ROAS)
0 %
Increase in conversion value
0 %
Scale ad spend profitably
0 %
Increase in sales
0 %
Increase in reach
"The team was quick to test and define exactly what we needed to do to strengthen our execution and increase our ROAS."
Hester Ludwig
Marketing Director - aeyde.com

Here Is What You’re Going To Learn In This Case Study


Why ad optimization / automation tools like Madgicx are awesome, but can lead to plateaus if you don’t do manual work.


Why your business needs a testing strategy for cold & re-marketing campaigns to get the most conversions from your ad spend.

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Why it’s so valuable to use influencers/creators for content creation that can be used all across your online presence, in your ads, social pages, email marketing etc.

"I love how the guys showed me the process and steps we would go through, before we even started working together. This gave me certainty that they knew what they were doing, and they proved to be extremely process driven & professional."
Hester Ludwig
Marketing Director - aeyde.com


Aeyde is a digital first, direct-to-consumer brand defining a new era of luxury fashion. Based in the heart of Berlin, all their products are manufactured by family-owned factories in Italy. 

For us, Aeyde is an incredible brand, with a highly talented team, and exceptional products. The only thing was, they weren’t getting the most out of their advertising.

During our initial conversations, we asked Aeyde what problems they wanted us to solve for them. Here’s what they said:

Problem 1 is all too common, problem 2 was a spectacular opportunity. Both problems combined gave us the chance to have a huge impact on revenue & brand growth quickly.


Identifiy new opportunities by reviewing the ad account & overall marketing structure, and then developing a strategy to solve aeyde’s marketing problems.

Execute the recommendations & steps laid out in the strategy, set up tests to obtain feedback directly from the market so we could make further data-driven decisions.

"We sought out Rocket Conversions to help us identify opportunities in our paid social ads, optimize our ad content and provide direction for a long term strategy."
Hester Ludwig
Marketing Director - aeyde.com


Challenge 1

Aeyde runs two promotions per year, making it hard to create urgency & compete against other offers out there. On one hand this is good, because it’s dangerous to train your audience to wait for promotions. On the other hand, promotions done strategically can be an excellent way to increase new customer acquisition & conversions.

Challenge 2

Balancing the ad spend budget between running tests and getting great results at the same time. Often, a lot of the tests don’t deliver bottom-line results (this is a good thing, it means you learn what doesn’t work), thus allocating too much budget on testing can hurt the bottom line in the short run.

Challenge 3

Most of Aeyde’s budget was allocated to their remarketing campaigns. The unbalanced allocation of ad spend away from cold audiences and towards remarketing audiences was not healthy, and without a change, the ad frequency would go through the roof causing performance to drop significantly. We needed to rebalance this so the cold audience campaigns would feed the remarketing campaigns properly.

The takeaway here is…… these challenges can affect every type of business. Learning how to strategically set up your promotions, how to generate content that your audience loves, and how best to strategize your entire marketing operation are all massively important to the success of most companies.

So, do the work to figure these out because you can only “wing” them for so long until everything breaks. If you want help figuring this stuff out, just contact us here.


Solution 1

Audit & Strategy

First off, we audited their entire marketing structure, their offerings, the economics of the business, the goals of the business, and of course their ideal customer profile. The data points from this audit painted a clear picture of where the business was at, and allowed us to build a strategy that would solve the current problems, & set Aeyde up for long-term success.

Solution 2

Facebook & Instagram Paid Ads Management

Best Ads

Below are the best performing ads, measured by the volume of conversions delivered:

If you’d like to learn more about how to analyze ads & make yours convert better, feel free to
send us a message here.

Aeyde.com Ad
Aeyde.com Ad
"Overall a very pleasant experience working with Rocket, as the team was very professional, attentive, and communicative throughout the whole process."
Hester Ludwig
Marketing Director - aeyde.com
Rocket Conversions Rating - 4.8 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
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