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$70,000 In Additional Revenue From Just One Email Flow

Discover how we used email marketing to achieve an additional $70k in revenue from one new flow, and increase overall open rates up to 40%.

*Note: this client asked to be anonymized due to the competitive nature of their industry.



Women's Fashion, Health & Wellness Products

Tools Used

Email Marketing


Based in Australia, with a global target market


Overall, we achieved a massive improvement in revenue from new customers, and improved on key metrics across the board.

The revenue increase is great, though a hugely important result here is this business finally got a clean email marketing structure, and got set-up with clean data to reach all relevant subscribers with personalized content. This means they can now make accurate performance based decisions for their email marketing efforts.

$ 0
Our new Welcome flow drove additional revenue of more than $70k in first 6 months
10 %
Email open rates increased from 10-15% to 25-40%
0.9 %
Increased click rates by 3-4% for all emails
"It’s wonderful to have a partner who feels like an extension of the team. Rocket really care and want to help the business to succeed. Nothing is ever too much trouble. No ask is too big or too small."
Awesome But Anonymous Founder
Co-Founder - awesome-but-anonymous-business.com

Here Is What You’re Going To Learn In This Case Study


Why segmentation is so important in email marketing.

Proprietary Landing Pages & Funnels

Why marketing automations (flows) are important to constantly engage, nurture and communicate with your audience (instead of just focusing on purchases) at various stages during the customer journey.

Email Marketing Team

How to move from any email marketing platform to Klaviyo + set it up for success. Why it’s so important to use the right platform for your business model. 

"Rocket are excellent to work with and having their support has freed us up to be more strategic."
Awesome But Anonymous Founder
Co-Founder - awesome-but-anonymous-business.com


In November 2012, two successful Australian authors, media personalities, and entrepreneurial sisters, launched a lifestyle blog. 

The website focuses on living a healthy luxe-for-less lifestyle. It covers a range of topics including fashion, beauty, health, home and family. In 2015, the business expanded into an online store selling fashion, accessories and homewares, along with health, wellness and beauty products.

Over the space of a few years, the business turned into a growing, global wellness brand, and had a growing email list of more than 40.000 active subscribers. The email marketing platform they were using no longer met the needs of the business, and it was time to move to a more robust platform to maximize the capability, reach, and lifetime value of its customers.

They had an in-house email marketing team, but they were lacking the know-how to make a successful switch to Klaviyo. There was some anxiety around transitioning to a new platform, as their sales were hugely dependent on email revenue.

That’s when they reached out to us to see if we could help.

During our initial conversations, we asked their team what problems they wanted us to solve for them. Here’s what they said:

We loved having the opportunity to work with the founders of this business, two inspiring entrepreneurs, along with their team. Their brand already had a loyal following, and their business is all about helping people become their best selves. This is something we were so excited to be a part of. 

We agreed to audit their entire set-up, create a strategy / project plan for their new system, then get everything set-up from scratch.

Rocket would then manage the system, and help them reach their milestones as quickly as possible. 

As usual, this was not going to be easy.


Audit the current set-up, then create a project plan & strategy for the transition to Klaviyo.

Re-strategize their email marketing & connect it holistically to their entire customer journey. Then implement everything all the new flows, content, tracking, list cleaning, segmentation with a focus on LTV.

Set-up a training system for their in-house team to get up to speed on how to use Klaviyo with maximum effectiveness. 

"Technical expertise and marketing support in one - it’s so nice to work with people you can actually depend upon and who genuinely know what they are doing."
Awesome But Anonymous Founder
Co-Founder - awesome-but-anonymous-business.com


Challenge 1

The business was a wellness blog way before email marketing platforms became as advanced as they are now. 

As they grew, they added a Shopify store on top of their WordPress blog, and they used manual workarounds to keep their marketing systems working.

This meant things were all over the place, data was being collected in different tools, certain processes were manual, and there was a bunch of different email lists.  We had to clean everything up, centralize it in (Klaviyo) and automate everything.

Challenge 2

Underperforming email marketing.

Lower than expected levels of engagement, CTR, conversions, repeat purchases etc. Most damaging was open rate rate. Many people weren’t even getting the emails.

Challenge 3

Training their team on email marketing best practices and how to use Klaviyo (it was a completely new platform for them)

We aimed to create a system for their team, along with a manual for how to use, manage, and improve the system over time. 

The takeaway so far is…… prioritize your email marketing. 

Otherwise you limit your business, you’ll run into bigger problems later down the line, and lose out on revenue.

So what should you prioritize? 

Stay on top of your sender score, segment & clean your lists, and analyze your email metrics frequently to identify any issues.


Solution 1

Building Our Sender Reputation

This transition represented a huge opportunity to optimize their email in the best way possible.

An email sender reputation is a score that an Internet Service Provider (ISP) assigns to an organization that sends email. The higher the score, the more likely an ISP will deliver emails to the inboxes of recipients on their network.

We took this opportunity to improve deliverability by properly warming up the sender infrastructure, turning the most engaging flows on first, and sending emails only to the most engaged users first. This helped us quickly build up a good sender reputation, which was required due to having a new IP address (this happens when you change your email provider).

After advising the client on sacrificing a part of their list (dis-engaged), we made sure to send emails only to engaged user segments to keep consistently high engagement rates.

Solution 2

Connecting All Data And Integrations In One Platform

We replaced sign-up forms on their site, set up all the integrations, and combined relevant lists to be in control of everything.

We set up the tracking so we could understand the data better and automated their entire email marketing (besides ongoing newsletters).

This was not an easy task, but luckily we’re a Klaviyo Partner and we were able to get help from the awesome team over at Klaviyo.

Solution 3

Implementing The New Email Strategy

Setting up all the newly strategized email flows to continually communicate with new subscribers (welcome flows) + keep customers engaged (post purchase flows) + rescue lost revenue (browse abandonment + abandoned cart flow) + winback previously engaged customers (customer winback flow) and clean the list.

Solution 4

Create & Implement A New Training System For Their Team

We developed a custom training program and set up a series of coaching calls to get their team up to speed on email marketing best practices & how to use Klaviyo.


Best Performing Emails

Below are examples of the best performing emails, measured by open rate, click rate, and conversions.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can get you more conversions from your email marketing, feel free to check out our plans & pricing below.

Winback Email

1 Year Purchase Anniversary Email

Post Purchase Email

"An agency who is actually very competent with Klaviyo is rare. The Rocket guys really are experts"
Awesome But Anonymous Founder
Co-Founder - awesome-but-anonymous-business.com


Takeaway 1

Whenever you move to a new email platform, make sure to use it as an opportunity to work on your sender reputation & deliverability. Don’t just set the new one up and start blasting emails. Warm up your sending infrastructure properly first.

Takeaway 2

This may sound basic to some, but email marketing is no longer blasting as many emails to as many recipients as possible. engage people, start conversations. Get people invested in your brand by investing your time and efforts in engaging with your audience.

Takeaway 3

If you’ve got a complicated website setup, with either a custom website or multiple website tools combined, having a Klaviyo Partner help you with the transition can be a huge benefit as you will likely encounter situations that are a nightmare to fix, or can cause problems down the line.

Takeaway 4

Automated email sequences based on user behavior are a huge driver. Set your flows, triggers, and conditional splits based on your user behaviour.

Takeaway 5

Centralize your data.

Make things easy on yourself & your team for things like reporting, understanding your consumers – with Klaviyo’s easy segmentation you can see at a glance the levels of engagement subscribers have with emails, levels of customer loyalty, and also see other info about customers through integrations with other platforms.

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