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Best Facebook Video Ads: Powerful Sales Video Ideas That Convert

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Steve Walton
Co-Founder & Managing Director, Rocket Conversions
  • Understanding Facebook, consumer psychology, and the science behind the best performing Facebook video ads.
  • How to create high converting video ads for Facebook.
  • Tips for sales videos that convert.

If sales videos don’t work for you, then you just haven’t found the right approach yet. The good news is…

This post will help you change that! Let’s get started.


Understanding Facebook, Consumer Psychology, And The Science Behind The Best Performing Facebook Ad Videos


As mentioned in our previous blog “The principles for success with Facebook”, Facebook made a huge shift in 2019 that puts more focus on the user experience within the platform.

Now, if you want to win, it’s about delivering a “pre-purchase” experience along your customer journey. Let’s see what that looks like:


Top of funnel sales video ads:


Introduce your product.

Ideally, these videos identify a problem, press hard down on the problem, and then present your product as the solution. If you want to scale, you must be able to express the problem to an otherwise problem-unaware person.

Great TOF video examples are:


Middle of funnel sales video ads:

Build a pre-purchase experience. 

These videos can be in-depth unboxing videos, product explainer videos, influencer content, “try our entire wardrobe”, tasting videos for food etc. 

Show your customers exactly what to expect when buying from you (a great way to drive conversions), but make the content engaging. Facebook will reward you for it. 

Here’s a great example:


Bottom of funnel sales video ads: 

Once customers have shown interest & purchase intent, build up their confidence in buying from you. 

Testimonials, case studies & promotional GIFs are great ways to do this. Here are some great examples:

Case Study:



How To Create High Converting Video Ads For Facebook


Creating video content for your ads isn’t rocket science. What’s really cool is, some of our client’s highest converting video ads were shot on their smartphone. 

For some inspiration, we’ve compiled the highest performing video frameworks so you can nail your video ads:

  • Product Demo Video, e.g. video below by Dollar Shave Club
  • Emotional Storytelling Video, e.g. video below by Photologo
  • Video sections according to copywriting formulas
    • AIDA (Attention – Interest – Desire – Action)
    • PAPA (Problem – Advantage – Proof – Action)
    • Identify Problem – Agitate Problem – Solve Problem
    • Before – After – Bridge
  • Customer Testimonials (See example above)
  • Case studies (See example above)
  • Unboxing videos (See example above)


Tips For Sales Videos That Convert


Ok, now you’ve got the frameworks, here are a few tips on how you can edit your videos to improve conversions:

  • Tell a story that speaks to the outcome of the product: people need to understand the benefits of your product.
  • Short videos perform best. Rule of thumb, keep your video ads below 60 seconds. Most videos should be 15-30 seconds long, this depends on the complexity of your product.
  • Create an attention-grabbing thumbnail: Not adding a custom thumbnail to a video is one of the biggest mistakes advertisers make. You’ve probably heard it, the attention span of people on Facebook is less than goldfish. The first 3 seconds are crucial for people to decide whether or not to keep watching your video. If you don’t have an interesting thumbnail, your video is performing below its potential.
  • Captions: A lot of people don’t have their headphones in when checking their phone. Add captions to better tell your story to people with no audio.
  • User-generated content tends to perform best on Facebook ads due to its authenticity and social proof. Consider using the influencer you collaborate with more intentionally as content creators to turn the above frameworks into reality. Or give an incentive in your rewards program to encourage users to share their product experience in photo or video format with you.


Take these tips and turn them into rocket fuel for your conversions! Feel free to check out our YouTube Playlist of Viral Video Ads to spark your inspiration.


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