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6 Key Influencer Marketing Trends Every Business Using Influencers Needs To Know

Influencer Marketing Trends Report
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Steve Walton
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  • Our Key-Takeaways on this years Influencer Marketing Trend Report

Where it’s heading and how to make it work for your business!


Influencer marketing is becoming increasingly popular as brands begin to recognize its potential. As a result of their social media presence, influencers have earned their audience’s trust and have the power to influence their purchasing decisions.

Influencers were used by well-known brands as well as small businesses this year to expand reach, produce high-quality content, and boost conversions among other things.


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The future of Influencer Marketing

As we’ve seen in 2020, the industry can undergo radical changes in just one year.

That’s why we’ve created a guide that summarizes the key takeaways from the 2021 State of Influencer Marketing Trends Report detailing the 6 Key Influencer Marketing Trends every business should know!


1. Influencers are becoming pickier

Influencers are becoming pickier about the brands they work with. About 74% of creators say that alignment with their personal brands is the most crucial factor when deciding to collaborate with a company.


2. Money isn’t everything

Studies show that monetary compensation is only a minor factor for content creators when deciding which brands to collaborate with. The biggest one is alignment with their personal brand, followed by personalization in the brand’s outreach. This means brands need to have a clear positioning to be an attractive partner.


3. Influencers are more trustworthy than brands

79% of people say user-generated content influences their buying decisions highly. Authenticity is key to good brand building. But people don’t trust corporate brand messages or spammy even annoying online ads — that’s why marketers use influencers to promote their products.


4. It’s all about relationships

Influencer marketing is becoming less about paying someone with a large following. In essence, it’s about talking about a brand and turning passionate brand enthusiasts into long-term brand advocates. It’s a relationship game.


5. Turn existing customers into Influencers

Additionally, brands can engage other members of their community besides social media influencers including:

  • Loyal customers
  • Employees
  • Industry professionals
  • Creatives (photographers, videographers, etc.)
  • Affiliates or brand ambassadors

For those with a limited budget, look for people with influence among your existing audience first.


6. Influencers want exclusivity

91% of creators wish to be long-term ambassadors for their favorite brands. The benefits of ambassador programs are

  • Exclusivity
  • Evergreen content
  • Better rates
  • Authentic endorsements


How to get started with Influencer Marketing


This will hopefully provide you with a clearer picture of the influencer landscape and where it’s heading.

If you want to take the insights from this Trend Report to the next level and start using influencers in your next marketing campaign, check out our blog post: 5 Steps To Get Started With Influencer Marketing.


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