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Facebook & Instagram Ads Rocket Launcher Course

In this 10-chapter course, Lars & Steve reveal the secrets our agency has discovered from helping hundreds of new brands achieve revenue traction and scale with Facebook & Instagram ads.


Here's What You Get

The 10 chapters in this course will show you how you can build a predictable, scalable and repeatable customer acquisition machine for your company.


Every successful company has an understanding of what Facebook marketing success really is and how to scale E-commerce brands. This chapter will give you that knowledge.

28 minutes to complete


In this chapter, we'll make sure your accounts are set up to get the most out of your advertising.

28 minutes to complete
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Learn how to do effective audience research using our best practices and strategies.

1 hour to complete


Learn how to structure your ad funnel & testing regime to get the best performance for your campaigns.

1 hour, 12 mins to complete


Learn how to create compelling ad creatives that convert: theory, examples, frameworks & resources.

1 hour, 7 mins to complete


Learn how to write compelling ad copy that converts: theory, examples, frameworks & resources.

34 minutes to complete


Understanding how Facebook’s ad auction works, and how to use it to your advantage.

27 minutes to complete


Learn how to optimize your campaigns for maximum returns.

1 hour, 20 mins to complete


Learn how to scale your campaigns to $20,000/month.

38 minutes to complete


Learn how to troubleshoot & fix your campaigns.

50 minutes to complete


Learn how to scale and grow beyond this course.

10 minutes to complete

Benefits Of This Course

Look over our shoulder as we show how to leverage our step-by-step system so you can scale your campaigns from $0 to $20,000 per month.
Facebook & Instagram Ads Rocket Launcher Course
Increase Sales
  • Tactics For Success

    You'll know the best way to set-up for advertising on FB & what it takes for your campaigns to make money consistently.

  • Proven Campaign Strategies

    You'll have proven frameworks & campaign strategies for testing and finding winning audiences & ads.

  • Templates & Best Practices For Ads

    You'll have examples & know the best practices for creating high performing ads.

  • Templates & Best Practices For Copywriting

    You'll have proven copywriting templates and a list of great brands to spy on for ad inspiration.

Scale Your Business
  • Optimize Campaigns

    You'll know how to understand ad data, and how to optimize campaigns for more profit.

  • Successfully Scale

    You'll have top quality scaling strategies for campaign budgets below $20k/ month ad spend.

  • Fix Campaigns

    You'll know how to troubleshoot your campaigns when things aren’t going well.

  • Holistically Grow Your Business

    You'll know how to critically assess and approach your online marketing in a broader sense.


You get the frameworks, templates and guides responsible for generating over $60,000,000 USD in online sales. These are the systems our agency uses to grow and scale brands all over the world.

#1 Rocket's Campaign Preparation Framework

$1000 Value


With this framework, you get everything you need to create your most effective campaigns. Use the same campaign prep framework the Rocket team uses to strategize and implement campaigns for e-commerce brands all over the world, including full access & step-by-step instructions for how we set up every part of our campaigns.

#2 Rocket's Templates For Design Briefs / Ad Creatives / Copywriting

$1000 Value


With these templates, you remove the guesswork of how to find winning ads for your audiences. Use the same templates for design briefs, ad creatives, and copywriting the Rocket team uses for all the ads we create and are responsible for over $60,000,000 USD in online sales.

#3 Special One-Time Offer From Rocket's Team

Up to $10,000 Value


A one-time "scholarship" for the Rocket team to take over your advertising, audit & enhance your strategy, create your ads, and write your copy. You'll get our collective knowledge, resources, and the full support of our highly experienced team. All of us will focus on taking your revenue to the next level. If you qualify, your business will grow much faster. You will also enjoy your business more because you’ll have us doing the work while you focus on what you do best and love most. I don’t know about you, but we love this stuff, and we know that being a business owner can be a hard and lonely undertaking without the support of a highly competent and result-driven team. Once you finish the course, if you feel like it makes sense to work with Rocket, reach out to us here.

Our Risk-Free Guarantee

This course comes with a
7-day money-back guarantee.

If for any reason you are not delighted with this course, simply contact us and you will be given a full refund!

Facebook & Instagram Ads Rocket Launcher Course

In this 10-chapter course, Lars & Steve reveal the secrets our agency has discovered from helping hundreds of new brands achieve revenue traction and scale with Facebook & Instagram ads.




$498 (-33%)

Includes All Bonuses Listed Above!
100% Money Back Guarantee

Meet Your Instructors

Lars Volkers

Marketing Director / Co-Founder - Rocket Conversions

As the Marketing Director at Rocket Conversions, Lars has managed millions of dollars in ad spend budgets, and has helped 100s of brands achieve revenue traction and scale in markets all over the world.

Steve Walton

Managing Director / Co-Founder - Rocket Conversions

As the Managing Director of our agency, Steve spearheads the business strategies of our own companies, and has been the force behind the digital ad strategies for brands all over the world.

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