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Wealth Hub Australia:
Scaling A Financial Services Business From Local To National

Discover how we used Facebook ads & ongoing consultation to scale lead generation and sales for this financial services business in Australia.

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Financial & Investment Services

Tools Used

Facebook Ads
Consultation On Funnels


Based in Australia,
with a domestic target market


Wealth Hub Leads Over 18 Months
Scaling Wealth Hub's Lead Generation

Overall, Wealth Hub received a massive improvement in cost-per-lead & lead volume. 

So much so, the business was able to grow from being a local service provider into a nationwide business.

The lead generation improvement is great, though the underlying structure was hugely important here. What helped achieve such great results was having a really well optimized funnel, with different lead magnets & offers, along with a robust testing system.

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Scaled From Local To National
"We definitely get a massive return on investment working with Rocket"
managing director
Chris Perkins
Managing Director - Wealth Hub Australia

Here Is What You’re Going To Learn In This Case Study

Conversion Rate Optimization Team

How to use paid ads, lead magnets & funnels to scale lead generation for your financial services business.

Profit Maximizing

What to do when your ads stop performing, leads get more expensive & lead volume starts decreasing.

World-Class Creative Team

How to make your ads, lead magnets, and other marketing materials resonate with your audience by finding the most impactful messaging.

"Fantastic! Really happy with the communication from Rocket. We’re always reviewing things, looking at new copy, looking at new images. It’s a pleasure working with Steve & Lars"
managing director
Chris Perkins
Managing Director - Wealth Hub Australia


Wealth Hub Australia started as a local financial services business in Melbourne, Australia, offering a range of financial services including: investment strategy, financing, debt elimination, property management, tax reduction & financial planning. 

Wealth Hub’s Business had a wonderful team of finance professionals, great results for their clients, and a very clear, logical process for helping their clients (which they share transparently on their website). The only thing they were missing was a scalable system for generating leads so they could help more people and grow their business.

That’s why they reached out to us to see if we could help.

During our initial conversations, we asked their team what problems they wanted us to solve for them. Here’s what they said:

We loved having the opportunity to work with the Wealth Hub team for a few different reasons.

Their business was already helping people get great results, they had a very experienced team, and they had an excellent client process that they share transparently. This process shows their audience exactly how they work, and essentially simulates the experience people will have with Wealth Hub Australia.

The benefit of this from a marketing standpoint is that it answers many of the objections in the minds of the audience, and gives the audience certainty of the experience they will have.

We agreed to audit their entire set-up, create a strategy / project plan for their new lead gen system, then get everything set-up from scratch.

Rocket would then manage the system, and help scale the lead generation as quickly as possible. 

In a market as competitive as this one, as usual, the odds were against us. Let’s see how it all went.


Audit the current set-up, then create a project plan & strategy for a scalable lead generation system.

Within 3 months, get to 400 new leads per month.

 Within 12 months, increase lead volume, improve funnel optimization, add additional automated layers to funnels. Also increase the quality of leads and improve conversions from lead to client.

"It’s been amazing, the Rocket team is constantly sending updates, and also providing some really good feedback on ways to move forward"
managing director
Chris Perkins
Managing Director - Wealth Hub Australia


Challenge 1

The business didn’t have a unified marketing setup or lead generation system. 

This meant there was no data to leverage, no proven marketing channels, ads, funnels, lead magnets, or audiences.

We were starting from scratch.

Challenge 2

We were working on a tight budget. 

This represents a big challenge that many businesses have. 

The fact is, SMBs need to do marketing, but they need results fast. The only way to get results is to test to find what works. 

Tight budgets put a limit on testing, so we had to get creative to solve this problem.

Challenge 3

No content.

This is another big challenge that many businesses have. 

Every financial services business needs to get their offers in front of their audience. 

Simply put, the business needs to create content and distribute it on the channels where their audience’s attention is. 

With no content, and no system to generate it, this would mean a change in operations for the business. They would need to put a content generation system in place.

The takeaways so far…… 

1: Prioritize your data acquisition by setting up analytics (Google Analytics, Facebook/Linkedin pixel) as early as possible.

2: Prioritize setting up a content generation & distribution system. This content can then be used all across your online presence, and in your ads.

Even if you are a financial services business, you need to think like a media business. 

Look at the best marketed businesses or personal brands in every niche. They have content generation & distribution systems like Youtube channels, consistently posting content on their social pages, have great explainer videos and video testimonials on their website, deliver great email content, and so on.

Bonus Challenges

We've been working with Wealth Hub for a long time. Every now and then, the funnels stop working and we need to re-strategize, test, & iterate quickly to get things back on track.

What works well today won’t always work well tomorrow.

Every successful funnel eventually gets maxed out. We faced this with Wealth Hub. 

We have a bank of research, ideas and materials, along with great data, and a robust testing system. None of that guarantees results. 

Nearly every time we re-strategize, it takes time to find what works. There has been a few times where nothing was working, even though we organized our testing in such a way to prevent this.


Solution 1

Identifying The Biggest Impact Growth Levers To Pull

Auditing the business, the marketing materials, and analyzing the best marketed competitors + brands that have similar audiences showed us Wealth Hub’s offers and funnels were sub-optimal.

This helped the Wealth Hub team to see and understand how important the offers/funnels are for performance. We decided these were the primary growth levels we needed to pull, then took this opportunity to start with 3 different funnels & lead magnets that all had very different messaging for Wealth Hub’s services. 

Once these were set up, we were ready to start implementing the Facebook ads strategy, drive traffic, and ramp up lead generation.

Solution 2

Finding The Right Messaging

The data we acquired from driving traffic with Facebook ads helped us understand which messaging worked best. It also allowed us to expand our audience and creative testing, leading to consistent growth of leads.

Solution 3

Scaling Winners

Once we had enough results and data insights showing us which lead magnets, offers, funnels, ads, & audiences were winners,  we needed to scale. We cut off everything that wasn’t working and expanded from a local level, to a regional level, and then to a national level.

Solution 4

Adjusting Quickly To Any Decreases In Performance

We had to kill our main funnel. 

We immediately went into heavy testing mode and out of 5 new funnels we tested, we found 2 other funnels that gave reasonably good results. However, we were still unable to reach the heights we achieved with the funnel that died. 

1 month after we had killed our main funnel, we decided to relaunch it in a new ad account under a new page. This did the trick of reviving our winning funnel, and helping push past previous lead volume records.

Best Performing Ads

Below are examples of the best performing Facebook ads, measured by conversions.

If you’d like to see if we can get you more conversions from your Facebook ads, feel free to check out our plans below.

Static Meme Style Ad #2

Facebook Ad Example

Static Meme Style Ad #1

Facebook Ad Example

Static Meme Style Ad #3

Facebook Ad Example
"Rocket helped take this business from being a local business, or local geographical area, to now being national"
managing director
Chris Perkins
Managing Director - Wealth Hub Australia

Ad Campaign Strategy Breakdown

Ad Account Status Quo

Analyze data in the Facebook ad account to gather insights

In the case of Wealth Hub Australia, they had very little data as the tracking was not optimized and they didn’t have any period of sustained advertising to acquire data. This means we could not identify any improvement opportunities. Starting from scratch meant we had to design a strategy that would deliver data quickly, so we could then decide what & how to optimize.

Competitor Analysis

Find out what is working for the most successful competitors

From our research, we got 4 key insights:

1: Competitors run a wide range of different funnels with different offerings.

2: Banner graphic ad format was the best performing ad format in the industry.

3: Most of the ads were heavily branded, with a mix of emotional & rational, short, to-the-point copy.

4: Most ads linked out to a landing page. Native Facebook lead ads were rarely used.

Audience Research

Learn everything about the audience, where they are, & what they want

We aimed to understand the emotional characteristics, desires and fears of our audience.

One useful way of doing this is by reading through comments on posts across Wealth Hub’s social media posts, reading their reviews on review sites, and doing the same with their top competitors. We also browsed site like Quora, Reddit and other sources to learn the types of questions & concerns our audience had. This gave us great insight into the type of language the audience uses, so we could leverage this in our ads, lead magnets, and funnels. 

Perhaps most importantly, we found that financial freedom was the driving force behind the majority of our audience.

Ad Strategy Development

Strategizing the customer journey

Based on the insights we acquired, we built a campaign strategy around the following priorities.

1: Strategize, develop & test different funnels first as we identified this to have the biggest impact on the performance of campaigns.

2: Start with testing 3 different audiences at first (2 interest based audiences and 1 lookalike audience) so that we don’t have to split our budget into too many different pieces for lots of different audiences on different funnels.

3: Start with banner ads, as this was currently working for the most successful competitors.

4: Emphasize the emotional elements of “Financial freedom” in our messaging. Our research showed this was at the heart of our audience.

Iterate To Succeed

80% of what you test will fail, embrace it. Analyze, Test, Improve, Repeat

Our 3 initial audiences each had their own campaign structure for cold audiences & re-marketing, their own ads, lead magnets & funnels.

Everything was an experiment. We had to closely analyze the data of these tests, refine our campaigns, kill losing campaigns, & improve promising campaigns. Here are some of the key insights:

1: While static, graphic, branded banners worked for our competitors, we tested this and it didn’t work. In our next iterations, we tested different formats and discovered our audience resonated best with authentic looking, almost meme style, simple creatives with people in the image. Our ads looked less like ads and more like normal memes or posts you would see in your feed.

2: Interest based audiences are where we found our winning audiences for this brand.

3: Financial freedom through faster mortgage payments was the best performing message. A mix of emotional & rational, in short form copy.

4: Our experiments with our competitor’s strong points failed. We had to find our own way.


Takeaway 1

Understand your audience’s behaviour and adjust your business accordingly. 

We took a 2 month break in Q4 during the end of year holiday period (Black Friday, Christmas) as we understood ad costs would be high, people are busy, and don’t have a desire to focus on matters like financial services during this time of year.

Takeaway 2

Grow local, then go regional, then national. 

Focus on becoming great in a certain niche or geographic location first, then expand from there. This will save you a lot of resources on testing.

Takeaway 3

Simulate the experience your customers will have working with you, before they work with you. 

Show them your process. Give them the certainty that you know what you are doing, and that many others have gone through it, and got results.

When doing this, position yourself as not the right fit for everybody. We tested a typical lead magnet funnel, but found out that a much different funnel worked best. The winning funnel asked people to take a quiz to see if they qualify working with us.

Playing “hard to get” is a powerful way to create a desire for people to want to work with you.

Takeaway 4

What works for competitors may not work for you.

We analyzed the funnels and ads of the most successful competitors. We took their strong points and applied them to our experiments.  We found that what worked for them, did not work for us. 

This is because often times your bigger competitors have:

  • Different goals (i.e. more focus on awareness if they have local offices across the market)
  • Different positioning to you
  • Acquired more data if they have been marketing for a long time
It’s fine to experiment with the strong points of your competitors, but don’t rely on this. Rely on getting to know your audience as well as you possibly can.

Takeaway 5

Create ads that grab attention.

Yes, you are not Red Bull or GoPro, you are a financial services business.

This doesn’t mean you can’t use creatives that wow people. You must stop your audience scrolling through their feed. You must speak to your audience’s desires (financial freedom of some kind) & give certainty about working with you, rather than just about your service features.

Takeaway 6

When things break, think outside the box to get things going again. 

When our funnels stopped performing, we knew we still hadn’t reached the majority of our audience. We also saw that people were still interested in our ads. The only issue was the conversion rate after ad-click-through completely dropped off. 

We hadn’t changed anything in the funnel and tracking was working just fine. The root cause was our targeting on Facebook had suddenly turned into low quality traffic. Something changed in the Facebook algorithm, so we had to change with it. 

We knew we had to reset everything and give it another go from scratch, so we relaunched our campaigns in a completely new ad account. This had the intended impact, and we were even able to scale past our previous best volume of leads.

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