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Watch This Conversion Rate Take-Off Checklist Video Guide

lars volker

Many people I speak to try to solve customer acquisition problems with the latest Facebook hacks or super specific targeting, when in fact, optimizing the landing page to turn traffic into customers or leads is what they would need to be doing.

If your landing page is not able to turn traffic into conversions, even the greatest marketers can’t make your Facebook campaigns work.

The average landing page has a conversion rate of about 2.35%. Imagine increasing that by just 0.2%. If you have 10,000 daily visitors, that would mean 20 more conversions every day!

Watch the video above where I reveal the crucial pieces and best practices of high converting landing pages and make sure to check your emails for the checklist in pdf format.

If you feel stuck and need help along the way, feel free to reach out to us. 

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